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At the core of the Immersive Media Engine are a number of innovative and viral features built upon a robust cloud platform.  Our core services include uploading, hosting, video transcoding, adaptive bitrate streaming, and featuring content.

Along with our core services, the IME includes Re/Lives, the Zeality 360° player, and sharing capabilities which are all designed to bring additional value to your content and deepen engagement with your audiences.

In addition to its robust feature set, the IME leverages an easy to use Management Console.  The Management Console is where content creators can directly manage and measure the effectiveness of their content. The IME’s built in rules engine enables our customers to manage the publishing, curation and control access of their content.

The IME is customizable, flexible, easy to integrate, and exists side-by-side with the other SDKs in your applications. Learn More

IME featuring Re/Lives™

A first of its kind feature, the Immersive Media Engine allows users to create reaction videos while inside of a 360° video or VR experience using your front-facing camera and audio to record and share your point of view!

Powered By Zeality

We are pioneers in the world of Immersive Media experiences. We continue to push the limits because we believe in Immersive Media’s unmatched power to connect, educate, inspire, entertain, and communicate. As the leading provider of innovative cloud solutions for delivering immersive media content across all connected devices, Zeality offers a full suite of products and services that will help you define the use, determine the value and develop repeatable, scalable models for using VR and 360° videos in your iphone and android applications.


Immersive Media Engine (IME)Zeality’s Immersive Media Engine is the industry’s most complete cloud based platform, offering a full suite of socially engaging and viral features for VR and 360°.

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Re/Lives |  Zeality’s innovative patent-pending feature delivering a unique way to record and share your viewing experience within 360° and VR content.

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Content ServicesZeality’s team of talented and experienced producers focus on crafting high-quality, meaningful Immersive Media content for you to amplify your brand’s message across your media network.

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VR Web Player | This state-of-the-art virtual reality player features a number of innovative features that will allow you to play VR and 360° videos.

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