Flexible Mobile VR SDK

Multiple modes of integration allows you to quickly innovate and iterate into scalable models for your audiences. Available for Android & iOS.

360/VR Content Strategy

Our professional and dedicated Content Strategy team provides consistent support to help you produce scalable and repeatable VR content and adoption models to maximize value to your fans.

Self-Service Management Portal

Upload and manage 360º content through our self-service console, view metrics, create campaigns and methods of monetization all in an easy and intuitive interface.

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Created with Purpose


Measure fan engagement and effectiveness with analytics and metrics in your at a glance dashboard
Mixed media mode allows you to customize your integration solution to fit your mobile content strategy.
Re/Lives moderation gives maximum control over what is published on your applications
Re/Lives technology automatically enabled on your mobile without additional hardware or downloads
Deepen fan engagement and monetization opportunities through scavenger hunts and other interactive objects

The Industry’s ONLY End-to-End Mobile VR Solution for Sports, Media & Entertainment Industries

We partner with our customers to transform their fans or audiences from passive consumers to engaged users. Zeality’s technology platform drives interactivity and a deeper connection around immersive content on iOS and Android applications and has the potential to drive monetization.



Immersive Media Engine™ (IME)

Allows for easy integration and quick deployment of Immersive Media (VR, 360° photos and videos) into your own iOS and Android applications.

Flexible and powerful SDK that allows for easy integration into your existing applications PLUS custom app solutions powered by IME for organizations without an existing mobile solution.

Zeality’s premier social feature Re/Lives™, also known as “reaction videos”, deepens fan engagement & drives repeat views of content.

Gamify your content and activate your fans with Zeality’s unique scavenger hunt game engine. Run and manage campaigns, push promotions and enhance your marketing with an easy to run system.

Customers Are Saying


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“At the Giants, we aspire to leverage emerging technologies to deepen connections between our players and fans. Zeality is helping us achieve this goal by powering new VR experiences here at AT&T Park."
some very unique capabilities that could greatly benefit
companies seeking to leverage 360/VR to more immersively
engage consumers.

Bill Schlough

Senior Vice President & CIO, San Francisco Giants
Zeality is revolutionizing how we get closer to our fans. Their technology is not only changing how we engage with fans, but changing the longevity of our content.

Robert Alberino

Vice President and Executive Producer, San Francisco 49ers
We are pleased to find in Zeality a partner that aligns with our core values and methodologies to undertake this unique opportunity. The mobile strategy of the Sharks is to provide fans with an app that not only delivers game-day functionality but also exclusive and innovative content. Zeality’s cutting-edge approach allows us to deliver an experience unlike any other in Sports.

Flavil Hampsten

Executive Vice President, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, San Jose Sharks


San Francisco 49ers Deploy The Zeality™ Immersive Media Engine



Zeality Named One of 20 Most Promising Augmented Reality Technology Solution Providers in 2017 by the CIOReview


Click Here to Read the Article Online   Click Here to Read the Article Online    

Press Release

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