Immersive Media is rapidly growing in popularity among the biggest brands in the world and with it grows the demand for more VR and 360 content.

At Zeality, we offer end-to-end production for your next Immersive Media project whether it will be used as a internal sales tool or as the highlight of your next marketing campaign. Zeality Content Services helps to create the story behind the experience, produces it, and provides the necessary infrastructure to deliver the best experience.

While our 360 videos are among the best available for conventional playback, we believe that they really shine when used in-conjunction with the Zeality Immersive Media Engine.

Our team understands how to create a “presence” in the viewing experience, which is one of the biggest challenges in the creation of virtual reality content. We do it by creating content that is engaging to the user, is mindful of the project’s goals, and is 100% dedicated to the creation of a quality end user experience.

Zeality’s considerable experience in project management for 360 video content makes us a natural choice when it comes to VR production. We know how to scout and secure the best locations, and we have an intimate understanding of the technical subtleties of frame rate, camera positioning, and camera movement. We produce beautiful content that is also eminently watchable. The end product is comfortable for a person to watch for an extended period of time.

Our Services

Our team of talented and experienced specialists craft outstanding immersive content through innovative technologies, singular production processes and comprehensive approach to story telling.  From ideation and filming to editing, development and delivery, the Zeality Content Services team has both the creative and technical experience to ensure your Immersive Media Content makes the greatest impact on both your audience and your business.

Immersive Media Production:

Zeality has produced hundreds of hours of 360° experiences ranging from short social media clips to minute long highlights to 25-minute branded documentaries. 360° video content is magical; it can transport users to exciting, unattainable places, offering the freedom to look around and truly immerse themselves in stories and experiences.


At Zeality, we have developed a series of post-production pipelines to ensure we deliver the work efficiently and within the tightest deadlines.  From stitching to stabilization, VFX to animated graphics the team uses specialist software tools that help to deliver the ultimate immersive experience.


Our Team:

Our team consists of filmmakers, producers, and engineers whose sole mission is to provide the best 360º VR stories available. By mastering emerging software and technologies, we deliver a seamless 360° video experience for our customers. We are committed to a gold standard of creative integrity and professionalism, having collaborated with companies like the San Francisco Giants, the San Jose Sharks, and more.

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