Immersive Media Engine (IME)

Our Immersive Media Engine (IME) is designed to help media driven organizations easily integrate Immersive Media (VR, 360° photos and videos) experiences into their own iOS and Android applications.

The first available integration option provides developers a binary framework which consists of prebuilt, customizable views that allow for rapid integration. This platform provides a seamless user experience, initiated with a single tap by the user. The Immersive Media Engine is now available, making the Immersive Media experience a reality. Request More Information

IME Features

The core of the Immersive Media Engine consists of a number of innovative and viral features built upon a robust cloud platform. Zeality’s core services include: uploading, hosting, video transcoding, adaptive bitrate streaming, and featuring content.

Along with our core services, the IME includes a number of revolutionary features, including:

  • Re/Lives Learn More
  • Zeality 360° player
  • Sharing capabilities

All of these features are designed to bring additional value to your content and deepen engagement with your audiences.

Native Player

Zeality’s state of the art player was built to support our exclusive feature sets.  This high performance player does not require a Head Mounted Display (HMD) to view content, making it the most accessible VR / 360° player in the market. It is optimized for both iOS & Android, featuring Cardboard/HMD compatibility, gyroscope motion, “Magic Window” viewing, 4K resolution support, and adaptive bitrate streaming.

Cloud Based Platform

Our robust cloud platform leverages next generation technologies including cloud based hosting & transcoding, adaptive bitrate streaming, and auto-scaling infrastructure. The platform:

  • Automatically transcodes your videos so they can be viewed in high quality on any device.
  • Automatically indexes your video content
  • Intelligently detects each viewer’s device, delivering optimized playback

Tools and Services for Content Creators

In addition to its robust feature set, the IME leverages an easy to use Management Console, where content creators and publishers can directly manage and measure the effectiveness of their content. The IME’s built in rules engine enables our customers to manage the publishing, curation of, and control access to, their content.

Customized for Your Needs

The IME is customizable, flexible, easy to integrate, and co-exists with other SDKs in your applications.

Zeality Core Services

This cloud-based, multi-tenant architecture scales elastically to meet your demands while being cost-effective and allowing you to publish your videos quickly. The intelligence of our ecosystem is centered on the user, the content, and the cloud based platform.

The User:

  • User Authorization
  • User Profiles
  • Capability to create Re/Lives
  • Social centric features allowing users to Follow, Favorite, Like and Share content

The Content:

  • Content Organization
  • Heat Index
  • Tools to categorize and feature videos and related content

The Cloud Based PlatformA robust cloud platform that leverages next generation technologies including:

  • Hosting & Automatic Transcoding to high definition on any device
  • Automatically indexing of your video content
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming – efficient video streaming that intelligently detects the users device for optimized playback
  • Auto-scaling infrastructure.
  • 360° video asset management

Management Console

The Management Console with the Immersive Media Engine features an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that allows Content Creators and Publishers to manage all of their Immersive Media content.

This simplified way to organize your VR and 360° video content allows for more channels for easy navigation. In addition, the Content Creators and Publishers are empowered with the following:

  • Complete Control of your Content Through Locking or Requiring User Authentication

  • Upload multiple files at a time, streamlining your workflow

  • Shareable URLS

Content creators can upload, preview, organize their content through channels and networks, curate and feature as well as obtain measurable insights. In addition, content creators can manage the Re/Lives of their experiences.

An easy-to-use dashboard allows content creators to manage a wealth of information about your Immersive Media Content, such as: Zeality’s proprietary popularity index (Heat Index), views, favorites, followers and experience downloads.

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