Today is an exciting day for Zeality.

Immersive Media is becoming a revolution. This collection of disruptive innovations, like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 360° video and more, are creating new markets and value networks like we’ve never seen before. And our customers continue to ask “How can we be a part of this revolution?”

While the next generation of mobile virtual reality applications is complex, with extreme constraints and challenging requirements that must be met in order for the application to be truly immersive, we know that we needed to develop a way to easily integrate innovative features and technologies into an easy to integrate platform directly into a mobile ecosystem.

To address those needs, we developed the industry’s first Immersive Media Platform for VR and 360° content. The Immersive Media Engine, or IME, provides a set of advanced tools and technologies, including our recently announced Re/Lives feature, to empower and enable every media driven organization in the world to create, deliver and proliferate immersive premium content.

Re/Lives, is the industry’s first social VR feature for recording and sharing your reactions to Immersive Media. This patent-pending feature was designed to deliver a unique way to record and share your reaction within a 360° video. Re/Lives will allow companies and media brands to drive fan engagement in multiple markets such as Sports and Entertainment, Travel and Tourism, News and Media and more.

The engineering team designed IME to help media driven organizations easily integrate Immersive Media (VR, 360° photos and videos) experiences into their own iOS and Android applications. If you want to learn more about the Immersive Media Engine, please click here.

In addition, we’re excited to announce that the San Jose Sharks as the first customer of the Immersive Media Engine featuring Re/Lives. The Sharks recognized that VR is gaining rapid attention in both marketing and advertising. The Sharks were also looking for new ways to create engagement with their fans. Lastly, they were looking for ways to be at the forefront of this exciting new market.

The work is part of an ongoing collaboration focused on Immersive Media and app development. The collaboration started in October of last year, when the Sharks asked us to help them create some great VR and 360 content for them. Next, they looked to Zeality to help them to create multi-directional engagement with their audiences through these experiences. When our teams came together there was instant chemistry, and a common vision about how Immersive Media can change the fan experience, and make it more enjoyable.

To think that we started this endeavor just a few short months ago and that we will have ready for consumers in the next month is truly unbelievable. Needless to say, the Sharks are excited that in this short time of working together that they are rolling out a product with Zeality.

The Immersive Media Engine is available immediately.