At this stage in the game, 360° video production has a workflow that can take anywhere between 1-3 days, depending on the complexity. So what happens when our clients want IMMEDIATE engagement with an immersive experience? The answer we’ve found lies with 360° photo support. 360° photos are easier to produce (especially with a wider availability of 360° cameras like the Ricoh Theta S) and just as quick to deploy.  It can take just a hand full of minutes to upload and process a 360° photo, after which our customer’s fans can access and view them – all through Zeality’s Immersive Media Engine.


“360° photos adds to our repertoire of media types and gives our customers another means to communicate and engage. At Zeality, we are constantly working to improve and enhance our system, support new trends, and help proliferate existing ones with a keen emphasis on what will extend our customer’s business drivers and objectives,” says Arlene Santos, COO. “Look out for smart updates to our offerings over the next few months. 360° photo support is just the beginning.”