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Are you...

a brilliant engineer, growth hacker, influencer, or media mogul? Do you like tackling challenges the world has never seen? Do your friends look to you for new ideas and technologies? Are you looking to work in a seed-stage startup that will mold the next generation of immersive experiences? If so, we want to meet you!

We are looking for talented individuals with a serious passion for immersive technologies. If you are a self-motivated engineer with a passion for web, mobile or REST API development, and enjoy working in a user-focused, highly intelligent, entrepreneurial environment, then we would like you to join our team.


Zeality is the Industry’s first immersive media platform for the most popular 360° and virtual reality content, allowing you to socially engage through your mobile device or Google Cardboard.  Content creators, producers, and brands are empowered by the Zeality platform to distribute and manage free or premium exclusive content, increase audience engagement and generate powerful brand activation and awareness. The company leverages strong strategic partnerships with innovative brands to create multi-directional engagement with a variety of audiences through immersive experiences.

Current Openings:


The Lead Front-End Developer is responsible for developing Zeality’s web-app functionality to empower the growth of Zeality’s community, online presence, and customer satisfaction. The Lead Front-End Developer will work closely with the back-end development team to create innovative UX-led web applications.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Proven experience developing client-side web technologies
  2. Minimum of three years experience working with object-oriented JavaScript and React.js
  3. Experience working with Redux/Flux state management
  4. Understanding of asynchronous API calls and CORS requirements/restrictions
  5. Knowledgeable in working with SASS/LESS or other CSS-precompilation systems
  6. Experience in developing responsive web-applications using mobile-first practices
  7. Capable of cross-browser testing for both JavaScript and CSS
  8. Proficient at debugging live applications

Other Preferred Qualifications

  1. Familiarity with development tools such as Webpack and Babel
  2. Experience with WebGL for rendering VR scenes on the web
  3. Understanding of REST API REST API principles and client/server patterns
  4. Familiar with relational database structure
  5. Basic understanding of web-security practices such as preventing XSS attacks and Cookie-based authentication & session management

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Maintain or update the architecture of the web-app to allow other developers to collaborate on large-scale projects, develop themes, run A/B tests, and build new modules.
  2. Maintain or update standard application framework: could include creating file and folder structure and naming conventions for HTML, CSS, JS, and other front-end languages used. Help define back-end naming conventions for consistency.
  3. Participate in the overall project life-cycle from pitch/prototyping through definition and design to build, integration, QA and delivery to ensure consistency of modules, look and feel, UI interactions.
  4. Develop strategies for front-end web implementation of languages/libraries
  5. Deliver highly available, highly reliable, scalable products with a UI/UX focus
  6. Motivate and mentor other junior team-members. Communicate interactions and dependencies of project components, as well as standard application framework.
  7. Influence, collaborate and communicate effectively with senior team-members.
  8. Organize and build UI modules, working closely with UX or more visually-focused designers/CSS developers.
  9. Organize, and document, Zeality’s modular code structure for ease of maintenance and onboarding.

We look for aptitude, not experience, but we are sure you probably have experience working with dynamic languages, are ruthless about testing and refactoring, and bring superior skills in the following areas:

  • 5+ years experience in a technical role building high performance web applications
  • Experience in Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (DevOps), including designing fully automated “build to deploy” model
  • Have a track record in building distributed and scalable web applications
  • Expert in building REST web services using modern Java technologies
  • Have a passion for developing code by writing effective mock, unit and integration tests first
  • Have hands-on experience in source control tools Git
  • Have experience using Maven with testing frameworks surefire, failsafe
  • Have hands-on experience with rest web service frameworks Jersey, Guice and related technologies
  • Worked with SAAS, REST, AJAX, JSON, SQL
  • Have proven, hands-on experience with Linux, AWS
  • Your IDE development with IntelliJ is a plus
  • Experience with full-text search, Lucene, Solr, CloudSearch a plus
  • Experience with noSQL solutions e.g. Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis a plus


To inquire or apply for an open position, please fill out the form below. One of our team members will reach out to you for next steps.