To paraphrase the title of a current Presidential candidate’s famous 1996 bestselling book (and no, it’s not “The Art of The Deal” by Donald Trump) — “It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons VR Communities Teach Us.” *

What, how’s that? Why?

Realizing the new potential and promise of 360/VR storytelling requires creators to take some major creative and technical leaps in directing, cinematography, editing and post production. The well-understood, nearly one hundred year-old creative and production process of 2D filmmaking has been literally turned inside-out (and up, and down, around and behind) by the new 360/VR medium.

The first wave of immersive content creators is busily developing an entirely new visual vocabulary and film language to tell stories in 360/VR and capturing and finishing those stories with a new, often unfamiliar and complex array of specialized hardware and technology coming on the market.

It’s not easy to produce 360/VR and do it well. Invaluable support and help in creating that next great 360/VR content can come from the many VR societies, communities and interest groups that are springing up like immersive wildfire around the globe.

Attending and participating in VR communities, societies, conferences, expos, meetups and events can bring valuable creative inspiration, education, tips and best practices. So much can be learned from experienced individuals and production companies working in the space to help the aspiring creator surmount the challenges of this new medium and unlock its powerful potential. Not to mention the opportunity to gain new 360/VR production gigs, collaborators, crew, access to the latest and best gear and tech, and ultimately, solid support in innovation.

We at Zeality believe that fostering interaction among the broad immersive content creator community is critical to advancing the 360/VR medium. To that end, we’re launching the Zeality VR Community Hub, showcasing up-to-the minute event information from our global VR Community Partners like VRLA and EUVR and our Education partners such as VRSC.

If you are an administrator or member of a new 360/VR/AR organization that would like to be included on our Community Hub, please reach out to us at

*and yes, a silly reference to be sure to “It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us” by former First Lady and now Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton.