At the UploadVR party at E3 this year, I met Ryan Bell, founder of and VRSalon. Ryan is an amazing person who has a tremendous heart and the ability to inspire millions of people. As we got to talking, he shared an AMAZING project he was working on that really struck a chord with me. Something that many people don’t want to talk about and affects so many families globally.

“Child Trafficking”

The very words make people cringe as everyone knows what they mean. Sex slavery…child warriors…slave labor….and other horrific atrocities. In the US alone, 46 children are taken a DAY, which is over 17,000 a year and 300,000 a year are taken globally!

Fortunately, there’s a growing movement to #HelpErase Child Trafficking by the tremendous work of dedicated and passionate people at ERASE Child Trafficking, a U.S. based organization focused on eliminating global child trafficking. ERASE takes a holistic approach to the problem, from education and recovery to life reclamation. ERASE’s mission is to be the unifying voice that creates a cultural shift in the perception of child trafficking.

With the help of Ryan Bell, we are teaming up with ERASE on a multipart VR documentary series that will expose the dark world of child trafficking across world. Through the empathy-charged medium of VR storytelling, we hope to immerse the audience in the perspective of the children we hope to save as well as the brave heroes who have taking on a noble and just mission to rescue and reclaim these children.

Working with this team of talented and passionate people, we will endeavor to bring this very important and special immersive story to the world and hopefully, as Ryan Bell puts it, “Educate people about something people don’t want to talk about.”

360 shooting is slated to begin in Cambodia, Thailand, Trinidad, Los Angeles, Miami, London, New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, Barcelona with more places around the globe to come.

We are very honored and proud to be bringing these stories to Zeality and to be sharing them with the world. Please join us in our fight to #HelpERASE child trafficking.