The immersive media industry is the great unknown, growing rapidly with announcements of new innovations every day. I find that people outside of the Virtual Reality and tech industries are still trying to define how best to engage with VR as a source of entertainment or information. To help you understand how VR might apply to you, here are some fun, entertaining and informative ways to experience VR.


  • With artists looking for new ways to give their fans more exciting experiences, management and labels are looking to VR as a solution. Warner Brothers Music Group recently partnered with MelodyVR to provide a number of exclusive experiences via the MelodyVR app coming soon.
  • Do you prefer a live music experience? Check out VRTify, the world’s first and largest Virtual & Mixed Reality music library. Join Jacob Whitesides for an intimate birthday party performance at Log Cabin Studio, NY.
  • From Avicii to Run the Jewels, here is a list of 13 music artists transitioning to shooting their music videos in full 360° videos.



  • As one of the largest sources of news, it’s no surprise the New York Times has taken to using VR. From the Fight for Falluja to the experiencing the struggle of 30 million displaced children from around the world, the NYT has taken using VR to drive empathy around global issues to another level.
  • HuffPost’s Ryot News is known as early adopters of immersive media to deliver the news. Ryot is no stranger to creating groundbreaking content. Take a look at where their brilliant journalistic perspectives have taken us across the globe with deeper looks at education in Kenya to the conditions in Aleppo, Syria here.
  • Need a Virtual Reality guide to Virtual Reality? Take an introductory tour of Virtual Reality in full 360° with The Wall Street Journal.