The last nine months at Zeality has been a whirlwind. We’ve watch the VR industry continue to evolve. We’ve worked with a number of partners and customers to understand where they fit in this disruption. And we’ve taken all of the lessons learned to innovate and evolve our solution offerings to deliver what the market is asking for — a way to really derive value from this stuff.

What we’ve learned is that VR is a part of a bigger equation. One that we call Immersive Media. Immersive Media is the collection of disruptive innovations, like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 360° video and more, that are creating new markets and value networks like we’ve never seen before.

Our customers want to be a part of the Immersive Media revolution. They want to know how they can get started, is it content or the experience first? And once they are up and running, they want to get some value out of it.

The team has been hard at work to design the first of many innovations that will help our customers define the use, determine the value and develop repeatable, scalable models for using Immersive Media in your media applications and websites.
Re/Lives, is the industry’s first social VR feature for recording and sharing your reactions to Immersive Media. This patent-pending feature was designed to deliver a unique way to record and share your reaction within a 360° video. Re/Lives will allow companies and media brands to drive fan engagement in multiple markets such as Sports and Entertainment, Travel and Tourism, News and Media and more.

We’re pretty excited about Re/Lives and we think you will be too. For a better idea, take a minute and watch this quick tutorial on the product here.

Re/Lives can be built into your app today or be experienced in the Zeality app on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Again, this the first of many features on our roadmap. But really our ability to innovate and grow can only be done if we hear from you…so please feel free to send us feedback, question and comments. And don’t forget to record and share you favorite video using Re/Lives.

All the Best.