The Product Development team at Zeality has had an exciting year to say the least. We have been working hard to regularly improve the user experience of our application, release new features that will create opportunities for more engagement within Immersive Media, enable seamless integration via SDK and of course, give creators more tools to manage their content through our content Management Console.

You, the content creator community, are an important part of our ecosystem. When we launched the Immersive Media Engine (IME) last month, we also introduced a new and improved way to make your content management experience more intuitive and seamless.

The Management Console within the IME features a clean, intelligent, and responsive user interface (UI). This makes managing your content from any device easier than ever.

In addition to the new UI, there are a number of other features and benefits that can change the way you share your vision like:

1. Zeality Re/Lives

We started 2017 with the launch of our most popular feature, Re/Lives, which allows users to capture their reactions and viewing perspective while experiencing your 360° video. You can also see relevant information about the Re/Lives created with your videos. Details like the author, the date the Re/Live was created, it’s heat index, and if it has been flagged as inappropriate are available to you 24/7 through the Management Console. That’s right, you have complete control of your content, even if you want to remove a Re/Lives that you don’t like!

2. Web Player

With the launch of IME, we introduced a new 360° Web Player, which will allow you to watch your experiences directly in the Management Console. This state-of-the-art player offers a number of innovative features that will allow you to play VR and 360° videos directly from your web browser.

3. Improved Organization and Management

In the efforts to make your life easier, we’ve simplified the way you organize your content and have provided more channels for easier navigation. In addition, you have control over who can see your content with the option to lock it or require your audience to sign in first to view it.You can also upload multiple videos at once, streamlining your workflow. Finally, we’ve integrated the capability to create Shareable URLs, a feature that lets you share your uploaded content in your management Console without requiring the user to login. This means the only way they will have access to your content is by following the link.

4. Dashboard and Baseline Metrics

The new and improved dashboard shows you a wealth of information about your 360° content such as:

  • Heat (Zeality’s proprietary popularity index!)
  • Views
  • Favorites
  • Followers
  • Number of Experience Downloads

With all of this information, you will have the opportunity to get to know your audience even better.

Create an account and check out the Management Console today to manage, view and publish your own 360° content!

Have any questions? Feel free to contact us anytime at

The Zeality Products Team