Last Monday, April 10th was an amazing day for team Zeality. Working with the San Francisco Giants to bring a VR experience to the @ Cafe this season has been a great learning experience for us. We learned more about the players, engaged with avid fans while they experienced VR, and enjoyed the food in the ballpark 🙂

As a product leader, I’m always looking for new trends, observations, and feedback on how to make a kickass product. A few key things I learned at the SF Giants home opener are:

  1. People are ready for VR and Immersive experiences – our survey showed that over 60% of the users who visited the cafe that day had already experienced VR at least once before.
  2. While all ages loved the new experience, kids and adults (young at heart) were more receptive to VR and were not overly concerned with motion and immersive visual effects.
  3. Most people would like to experience VR without a headset. 77% of the survey respondents said that they would love to continue watching immersive content directly on their mobile devices.
  4. Giants fans are very loyal to their players – fans came back to watch the same experience whether it was Crawford crushing it or Bumgarner bringing it in.


We wrapped up the day with really positive feedback like “Cool, I love it!” and “Keep adding more content so I can continue to enjoy the VR experience throughout the season!”

What more could a Product Manager ask for!